Toimiva Taskuvaras

belgian malinois, male

born 2015-12-06

A/A0/0okSP0, LTV0, VA0-okBH RallyObe1VGLt+200p, scda 1 carrier, scda 2 clear

Toto moved back to home. My bodyguard, my treasure. Available for breeding 🙂
Social, open, funny and humorous. Good for nose work.

Companion dog test 2018-05-19, Passed

Rally obedience
2018-04-07, 100p, RTK1 (RO1)
2018-03-04, 100p
2018-02-03, 97p

Show 2018-05-12 Harjavalta, Finland, judge  Zorica Blomqvist (ex. Salijevic)
Well developed and presented. Correct head. Strong neck. Correct topline. Prefer better developed forechest and deeper chest. Needs more substance & better muscle definition. Good angulation. Correct movement. Nice temperament.
result VG